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By John Hunt 11 Jul, 2017

"To quickly build a successful career that makes them happy I coach my clients to be clear on their Next and Last Roles and develop a profile of the career path, companies and sectors that provide the best culture and the fastest career progression"

By John Hunt 01 Jun, 2017

" In this ultra competitive and quickly changing Job Market it is critical that Executives & Job Seekers Take Control of their Career, know your Next & Last Job, Build your Personal Brand & contact and engage with the person that makes the decision to hire you" John Hunt - International Career Personal Branding Coach . #Secureinterviewsforhiddenjobs

You Will Be Happier & Stay With The Company Longer When You Choose The Company To Join

We advise and coach our Australian & International Clients to Take Control of their Careers and teach them our proven strategies to Find, Qualify & Apply for Advertised & Hidden Jobs . Based on the insights and experience I have gained as a career coach & a former recruiter providing career, job and personal branding advice to 100's of people, the clients that make conscious choices and decisions about the Job and Company they want stay longer and are happier.

This is provided that the client has invested the time to really understand what they want - Is it an employed Career Path - Next Role / Last Role ? or do they want to Start A Consultancy Practice or Business. We get a lot of satisfaction when we see how excited and confident our client becomes when they become clear on the career, job and lifestyle they want to create for themselves, partner and family.

IF YOU NEED HELP TO SECURE INTERVIEWS FOR ADVERTISED OR HIDDEN JOBS OR CLARITY ON YOUR NEXT CAREER OR BUSINESS DECISION THEN BOOK A FREE CONSULTATION JOHN HUNT  - M : 041 22 66 770 :  : According to research by Indeed & Google Job seekers feel more confident in jobs they find and research themselves rather than ones presented by recruiters, some of the stats from this research.      

69% of employed adults say they would feel more confident that a job is the right fit for them if they picked the company and applied versus if a recruiter contacted them.      

> 62% say they think they would be more successful in a job they found on their own versus one they got from a recruiter or company that contacted them.        

>79% agree that if a recruiter or friend proactively contacted them about a position, they would consider other available jobs as well (rather than only that specific position).




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By John Hunt 12 May, 2017
“It is important to develop a strong network of Linkedin 1st Connections that are Decision Makers, Potential Employees & Influencers that can Employ / Work For You , Book You For Speaking & Media Opportunities & Buy your Products / Services.
Then ensure you regularly create & share Videos, Images, Articles & Updates & Comment on other people’s Posts on Linkedin, To Your Blog & Professional Social Media Channels to build your Personal Brand reputation as an Industry / Profession / Community Leader and motivate your readers to Call or Contact you.”
By John Hunt 06 May, 2017

"Digital disruption in the employment market has seen a lot of senior roles being merged into a single job & companies expecting their key executives to have and utilise their strong employer branding, recruitment & HR skills to recruit, coach & build a high-performance team. In the next 3 years it will become normal for Australians to have many jobs over their career and a continually move from “being employed “ to a form of freelancing where Executives & Business owners regularly sell their expertise and have short term engagements with multiple employers " John Hunt - Career LinkedIn Personal Brand Coach / Futurist".

By John Hunt 26 Mar, 2017
"The job market  is tougher and the old ways of building your Career or Apply for jobs no longer work, we help you Take Control of Your Career & Personal Brand  and ensure your CV & LinkedIn Profile  will be found by Industry Leaders and demonstrates your expertise "   by John Hunt Career Linkedin Personal & Business Branding Coach / Consultant 
By John Hunt 30 Oct, 2016
"It is critical that you refine your CV & LinkedIn Profile to address the key criteria of the job and provide examples that demonstrate your expertise."  John Hunt - Career Personal Brand Leader
By John Hunt 24 Oct, 2016
“As the leader of your company it is important to the success of your recruitment and  lead generation strategies to have a strong Linkedin Profile and Personal Brand "  John Hunt - Career Personal Brand leader
By John Hunt 07 Jun, 2016

"If you consider that the majority of Australian Executives earning over $154,000 stay in a job with the same company for 3.3 Years then your next interview is potentially worth over $500,000."  John Hunt - Career Personal Brand Coach

If the role isn't important enough to research and prepare a tailored application and speak directly to the decision maker that can employ you then don't apply for it.

Most senior executives invest many days to plan and create a presentation to pitch an idea to their senior managers or potential clients however very few executives invest a fraction of this time in planning their career, updating their Linkedin profile or preparing for an interview.

Most  do a quick update of their CV and start connecting with recruitment consultants on Linkedin. Less than 1% have a Career Plan, World Class LinkedIn Profile or Job Search Strategy or practice their interviewing skills

We coach the 1% of senior Australian Executives earning over $150,000 that see the value in building their Personal Brand and ensuring they are ready to apply and secure their next promotion or job?

By John Hunt 06 Apr, 2016
" In your heart do you know that the Job or path that your life is taking isn't making you happy or leading you to living your passion or purpose ? " John Hunt - Career Personal Brand Coach
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